Karla Aghedo

Senior Associate

Receive dynamic support for your profession

Consistently high standards

The thing that set this firm apart for me was the people. I came here because I knew I’d be working with excellent lawyers who care about their clients as well as the people they work with. Now, as someone leading teams, it’s especially important to me to continue that people-centered culture. 

The training program here is also top-notch. With programs taught by our nationally-recognized partners and the industry-leading National Institute for Trial Advocacy, Hogan Lovells demonstrates its focus on professional development at every training session I’ve attended. The programs are well-designed, informative, and often very interactive and hands on, making for a valuable training experience for lawyers at all levels of their career and skill development.

Professional expertise 

A member of the Investigations practice group, I focus on compliance, internal and external investigations, and trial advocacy in matters typically prompted by a federal enforcement agency. Prior to joining the firm, I served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Anderson County Criminal District in Palestine, TX. I was also a summer associate in the firm’s Washington, D.C., office while still in law school. I’m a 2010 graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law.

Hogan Lovells has a deep and abiding commitment to pro bono work. I admire the fact that it was the first major firm in Washington, D.C., to start an entirely separate practice dedicated solely to pro bono legal assistance. With a commitment that spans more than 40 years, the firm makes it clear to associates that our participation in pro bono work is encouraged and expected. Because of its deep connections to the communities we serve, the firm offers high-quality pro bono opportunities in just about any area you can imagine. During my time at Hogan Lovells, I’ve had the privilege of focusing on pro bono matters involving one of my passions: juvenile justice. 

Deep relationships

One of the main reasons I’ve stayed and grown at the firm is because of the relationships. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed celebrating personal and professional milestones with my colleagues here. Now that I have children, I appreciate having that social support network extended to embrace them too. 

I love being involved in church activities, singing, and supporting scholarship funds for underrepresented high school graduates through the Ron Brown Scholar Program and the high school I graduated from. Hogan Lovells really cultivates a culture that encourages involvement in charitable work and service to the community.