Jennifer Brechbill

Washington, D.C.

Build a dynamic skill set

High-quality opportunities
I was very surprised by the level of responsibility I was given as a young associate. Not a day went by where I was not learning. Now, I’m a senior associate with a particular focus on qui tam litigation and investigations. I interact regularly with clients and the government, and work on a variety of different skills, including team and case management, oral briefings, and formal writing.

The firm also creates valuable opportunities for leadership development through its pro bono commitment. Through pro bono work, I’ve had experiences such as arguing and winning a motion for class certification on behalf of a group of homeless families, examining witnesses in D.C. Superior Court, taking a deposition in a Title VII litigation, obtaining asylum for a young woman escaping her home country, obtaining legal status for a minor, and helping a veteran obtain the benefits to which he was entitled.  These experiences have been integral into shaping me into the lawyer – and the person – I am today.

A common mindset

I chose Hogan Lovells because of its long-standing dedication to pro bono and its people. During my call-back interview, I felt comfortable and relaxed, and I enjoyed talking to people here. I didn’t want to join a firm that felt cold and sterile, I wanted a practice where I heard people laughing in the halls and greeting one another by name. We enjoy such a friendly atmosphere here.
Deep relationships

The culture here truly is special, and we have some incredible lawyers. My colleagues and I’ve become close friends, and we genuinely care about one another. People go out of their way for one another, both professionally and personally. We’re a very tight-knit community. As cliché as it might sound, I truly believe that the people set Hogan Lovells apart.