Jane Zenzi Li Carter

Senior Associate
San Francisco

Build dynamic relationships

High-quality opportunities

I chose the firm knowing that I would get hands-on experience early, and I’ve been challenged beyond my expectations. I didn’t expect to have the chance to run client meetings in my first year of practice or to take depositions and represent clients at hearings in my second. I also didn’t anticipate being able to work with so many of our other offices. I’ve worked with lawyers in our Washington, D.C.; Denver; Singapore; and Paris offices – just to name a few – and have made many new friends along the way. 

Professional expertise

My office feels like one big team. We have monthly roundtables to discuss new work, case developments, and to generally stay connected with each other's projects. Our cases are high profile, but everyone's input counts. My first case at the firm was a dispute over licensing royalties. After only three weeks, the partner in charge asked me to present my research and analysis to the client, and to help with the subsequent mediation of the case. Since then, I’ve argued motions, taken depositions, and overseen my own smaller cases. I have direct client interactions on all of my cases, which gives me a strong sense of ownership of my work.

Personal growth

The partners are thoughtful about creating opportunities for meaningful growth. They want me to have challenging and interesting work and encourage me to take leadership roles in industry groups. 

When it comes to choosing a firm, choose your leadership, not your practice. Although practice areas differ, finding a partner (or partners) who you like working with and who takes a genuine interest in your development is invaluable to your career and general happiness.

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