Harriet Pearson

Senior Counsel
Washington, D.C.

Be part of robust and dynamic global practice

Consistently high quality

When I decided to transition from in-house to a law firm career, choosing Hogan Lovells was an easy decision given the firm’s strong global platform, collaborative culture, and exceptionally high-quality regulatory practices, including in my specialty areas of cybersecurity and data privacy. I wanted to work on the biggest and most significant matters in these areas, and with this firm’s reach, depth, and relationships, I was confident that I was joining a firm that would enable me to do so.

Professional expertise 

I’ve been working on the leading edge of cybersecurity and data privacy issues for more than 20 years, and bring to clients longstanding experience as one of the Fortune 500’s first and longest-serving chief privacy officers. One legal publication even dubbed me “the First Lady of Privacy”! Before joining Hogan Lovells in 2012, I served as Vice President, Security Counsel, and Chief Privacy Officer of the IBM Corporation.  

In the Information Age, almost every organization you can imagine needs help navigating the rules for what can and cannot be done with information, and how to protect such information. Every day brings interaction with colleagues and clients around the globe. I love the intellectual and social challenge of deciphering the practical implications of laws and regulations in multiple countries, and applying that insight to benefit our clients.

Personal growth

I expected to be challenged and work very hard to establish my practice – and I have. I’ve also enjoyed the camaraderie and support of many dozens of friends and colleagues. There are opportunities at all levels of the business to work together to shape the future of our firm. 

If you’re just starting your career, think about what the future of the legal services market looks like and what you want to get out of your career in this field. Think about what kind of colleagues you want to work with. Then, ask the employers you’re considering what their vision of the future is and how your career will be supported. When you ask Hogan Lovells these questions, you’ll hear a compelling vision and a strong strategy that recognizes the future will be here before we know it.