Arlene Chow

New York

Find the dynamic balance that works for you

Deep relationships 

I’m a mother of two, and it's really important for me to spend quality time with my children. We chose to live in New York City because I only have a 15-minute subway commute to work. I typically leave the office at roughly 6 p.m. for one very specific reason that is close to my heart – I believe my family should all sit down for dinner together to a home cooked meal, just like my mother did for me every night when I was growing up. When they’re both in bed, I fire up my computer again. I also try to get to the gym during the week.

Consistently high quality 

What I really love about working in life sciences patent litigation is the deep dive into drugs or biotechnology that have a critical impact on people’s lives.  My average case lasts up to 2.5 years, and during that time you really acquire a lot of knowledge. So there’s always a sense of freshness. It's perpetual learning and discovery. And then there is the challenge of simplifying the science to a judge or jury while advocating for your client. There are so many days when I feel like I've used every ounce of my brain. It's such a good career fit for me. 

A common mindset

I’m leading the Design Committee for our office’s new space at 390 Madison Avenue. It’s been a fantastic experience, helping creating something that will transform how our lawyers interact with each other and our clients.  

I’m also currently leading the New York Women’s Initiative and previously led the New York Diversity Committee. It's really showed me that Hogan Lovells has a heart and a conscience. It's a great way of seeing first-hand how the firm is dedicated to maintaining its culture, good citizenship, mentoring, and retaining lawyers. It's also helped me get to know partners and associates across the firm. These personal ties bind you and make you want to stay here.