Whether you’re joining us as a summer associate or you’re already a partner, HL Learn means you’ll have continuous opportunities for personal growth and professional development here. Through our learning culture and constantly expanding curriculum, we’re creating an engaged and ambitious legal community – one that never rests; never stops learning. It’s time to be part of it.

HL Learn Global Lawyer Development Framework

For junior, mid-level, and senior associates, our Global Lawyer Development Framework is your guide to success. It sets out 13 key skills in three core areas that will help you achieve excellence:

  • Legal knowledge and communication: mastery of substantive and procedural law, legal analysis and analytical thinking, written and oral communication
  • Winning teams with a client focus: performing as part of a team, leadership, project management and commercial awareness, dealing effectively with clients, and business development
  • Drive for excellence: developing self and personal effectiveness, initiative and creative problem solving, reliability and efficiency, and firm mindedness

HL Learn training curriculum

Our training and development resources are designed to help you with skills vital to your career. It might be your first time getting your head around certain areas, or you might already be extremely capable. Either way, it’s all about consistently elevating you and what you can do.

Our multi-day intensive programs – delivered by partners and outside experts – use interactive simulations, case studies, coaching, lectures, and discussions to build your expertise. Some train you on legal skills, like contract drafting or taking a deposition; others focus on professional skills. Here are a few to look forward to:

  • Launch: Our program for entry-level associates and law clerks, this provides an introduction to the firm and your new colleagues. It provides practice-specific training to set you up for early success and includes our award-winning peer-learning initiative, designed to help you build connections and transition into your first year of practice with us.

  • Leading and Working with Others: Designed for mid-level associates, this program focuses on skills like leadership, team effectiveness, delegating, handling requests, and giving and receiving feedback.

  • Whether you’re moving into a more senior role with us or you’re a lateral hire, we give the same nurture to experienced lawyers that we do to the most junior. As a senior associate, you might be part of Momentum, our development program for those interested in becoming partners. At the partner level, you’ll take part in Changing Gears, a vital series for new partners to help them adjust to their change of role. You might even be part of The Leading Edge, our global program that helps accomplished junior partners make leadership connections across the firm.

In addition to our intensives, practice fundamentals offer short, topical primers on a variety of legal issues over breakfast or lunch. Each practice area also offers on-going training by in-house professionals on a wide range of essential topics. With this kind of continual training, you’ll quickly find yourself on an upward trajectory – one that’s shared by a whole firm of motivated, switched-on colleagues.

HL Learn online

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, your learning never stops. That’s because the vast majority of our programs and resources are available to access through HL Learn online. It’s our portal for professional development, based on the Global Lawyer Development Framework.

From online courses and the latest business thinking, to course registration and tracking your CLE, HL Learn online is the place to start when you want to build your skills, prepare for new assignments and opportunities, and enhance your performance and potential as a lawyer. So, however you work best, and whenever you want to improve, our learning is guaranteed to fit into your lifestyle.