Danil Kuimchide


While studying at university, I was attracted by a career in an international law firm. My goal was realised in summer 2016 when I joined Hogan Lovells’ litigation practice.

It was challenging at first to move from academic study to commercial practice.  However, being involving in real litigation proceedings allowed me to understand what a career in commercial law would entail. Experiencing the litigation process first hand helped me to appreciate its complexity, the importance of attention to detail and the sheer scale of involvement of the legal team.

Over the last few months I have been a part of an excellent team that work on some high profile cases including arbitration, investigation, and litigation worldwide. My daily work is to support my senior colleagues who, in their own turn, are always ready to advise me. It allows me to gain unique experience and to broaden professional knowledge that I couldn’t get anywhere else.
From the day of my interview with Hogan Lovells I was convinced that this firm was a place where I would like to train and work. Hogan Lovells' pro bono projects, corporate culture, and, of course the people here make the work  enjoyable.. I am fortunate to be part of the firm.