Benoit Serraf

Senior Associate

Since 2016, Benoit is a key member of our corporate practice team. He joined us as an associate and is now a senior associate who advises companies on a wide range of business and corporate matters, with a particular focus on private acquisition and merger & demerger.

What attracted you to Hogan Lovells?

Where should I start? Hogan Lovells recognizes the skills of each individual and encourages everyone to develop strong work relationship with other lawyers from our offices all around the world, and not only through a call! But the most important thing is that in Hogan Lovells I do not need to act like or pretend to be someone else, being myself is an asset here.

Who at Hogan Lovells has had a particular influence on you and how?

Pierre Reuter, Gerard Neiens, Marc Elvinger, Alexander Koch and Aline Giersch, each in their own way, had a particular influence on me as they have been good listeners in difficult time (either professionally and personally) and helped me succeeding in my career objectives so far. Special mention also to Marta Vizcaino, who gave me a lot of useful advices and support through the Mentoring Program, an innovative international program recently put in place.


What’s the most meaningful part of your work day? 

Hard to tell, the variety of the matters entrusted to me, the various exchanges within my team in order to develop the knowledge, energy, determination and initiative to overcome obstacles and bring competitive drive to the team.  

Is there anything else you feel is important for a perspective lawyer to know?

When you get out of law school and start you first job in an international law firm, it is like a full reboot… "You know nothing Jon Snow"… You need to get a grip, move forward with achievable goals each year and always keep in mind that the domain of law you are working into is in constant evolution. I am not going to lie, the first years were the hardest ones and sometimes you will make bad choices in your young career, but after such experience (good or bad ones…) you will start to understand what you really want to do and work with.

What three words describe the people who work at Hogan Lovells?  

Brilliant, bold and open-minded

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