Alina Vieru

Finance Department

I joined Hogan Lovells in March 2016 as a part time receptionist. Within six months I'd been offered a full time contract complementing my front desk tasks with others from Human Resources and Financial Department, such as billing and collections.

I believe that working in an international company can offer you challenges as well as opportunities and Hogan Lovells Alicante is a perfect example of this. Hogan Lovells Alicante offers real opportunities for training and career development, and the proof is that many colleagues, included myself, joined the firm in entry level roles, and have progressed professionally.

From the moment I joined Hogan Lovells Alicante, I have been able to broaden my experience, skills and knowledge by getting involved in a variety of work but also to push myself in areas that I am lees confident helping this way to improve my attitude and productivity.  I have also recently got involved in the SFS project as a 3E Super User, a great challenge which helped further enhance my skill set and knowledge but also to establish relations with colleagues from other offices fostering a good team spirit.

In short, Hogan Lovells Alicante offers me the opportunity to learn and grow in a dynamic international environment in which ideas are valued and internal promotion is a priority.

What do you like most about working at Hogan Lovells?

What I most like about Hogan Lovells are the people I work with, the mixture of culture and the vibrant and dynamic office environment. Working with colleagues who represent more than 11 different nationalities gives me the opportunity to experience and learn about new cultures and customs daily, sometimes even during our enjoyable lunch breaks. Moreover, we all share the same vision and we are all dedicated to the firm's mission, culture and values.

Likewise, the management team is also very social and knowledgeable, and I feel that we are truly valued on a personal level.

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