Knowing your case inside out: How to make litigating easier through case mapping

Few things are more gratifying to a litigator in a case than having a thoroughgoing command of both the facts and the law. But how do you achieve that level of mastery?

New mining legal framework and attracting foreign investment in Brazil

Hogan Lovells, Cescon Barrieu, and special guest speaker Yoshihiro Nemoto, Superintendent of Regulation and Regulatory Governance at the Brazilian National Mining Agency, came together for...

Conducting remote depositions

Partner Andy Lillie joined Professor Mark Drummond, a former trial judge, to illuminate challenges inherent to remote depositions, and how to approach and overcome them.

Legal Roundtable: Lessons Learned for Lawyers During the New Normal

On September 10, Andrew Lillie participated in a roundtable panel discussion of outside and member company lawyers on how they are addressing a number of legal problems in member companies.

Growth of Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance Policies and the Push for Ethical Mineral Supply Chain Management

Responsible mineral sourcing, development is a significant issue for natural-resources industries. Apple, Google, HP, Intel, and other major multinational corporations have implemented...

Structuring international mining transactions

This training module provided intensive and highly qualified exposure to the complex nature of legal transactions and agreements commonly used in the mining industry.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Federal Court Practitioners

Cybersecurity is an increasingly critical part of every entity's existence in the completely networked world of 2020 and beyond.

Navigating cybersecurity in the energy and natural resources sector

Any organization can be the target of a cyberattack, regardless of industry, size, or geographic footprint. Energy and natural resources companies face unique challenges when developing a...

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