COVID-19 webinar: Global employment and data privacy considerations

This webinar is part of a series to help our clients responding to the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic on their businesses. You can register your interest in other topics here.

Protecting your business: current trends in non-competes and confidential information

The Hogan Lovells Global employment team held a webinar on 26 September to highlight current trends in the enforcement of covenants and protection for confidential information in France,...

Global Employment Challenges: Is Your Company Prepared?

What do you do if…

Hogan Lovells Client Forum: Navigating the New York Employment Landscape

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Dealing With the New NLRB Rules - A Primer for Hospitals and Other Healthcare Employers

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has recently caused a dramatic and union-friendly shift in labor law, and this shift has had a unique effect on healthcare employers. The...

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