Brexit webinar: Three votes down, where do we go?

In our webinar, we took stock of all the activity in Parliament and updating you on the position with two weeks to Brexit day on 29 March.

Since EU been gone - How tech and IoT product companies can be Brexit-ready

There are fewer than 35 days until the United Kingdom leaves the European Union – is your company prepared for a no-deal scenario?

The impact of Brexit on the pharmaceutical and medical device industries

Our European Life Sciences Regulatory team has been examining the potential consequences of Brexit for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries since before the results of the...

Brexit – will “no vote” mean “no deal”?

The House of Commons' "meaningful vote" on the Brexit deal has been delayed and Theresa May is returning to Brussels to seek further assurance on the Northern Ireland Backstop.

What's Brexit got to do with EU?

The next few days may or may not be a turning point for Brexit negotiations. But whilst a “no deal” scenario is still on the cards, it is more critical than ever for...

Will the new term bring a uniform approach to Brexit?

The summer recess hasn't reduced the political uncertainty about a Brexit deal and the strength of the UK Government itself. As the days tick by, a deal looks more uncertain and...

Brexit goes to the beach

For our next webinar, Brexit goes to the beach, we'll take stock of the UK Government's efforts to define the post-Brexit world - domestically and internationally - before everyone heads...

Trading places - Brexit on the world trade scene

With the talks on the UK's future trading relationship with the EU finally underway, we will be hosting our next webinar, Trading places – Brexit on the world trade scene, where we'll ...

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