Wearable technology - IP opportunities and risks

This webinar will explore the IP opportunities and risks for businesses operating in, or looking to enter the wearable technology market. Our presenters will discuss the lifecycle of a wearable technology product, from building or acquiring an IP portfolio, branding considerations and new types of legal risks relating to SEPs, to commercializing your technology through the use of data.

Our transatlantic team, including lawyers from London, San Francisco and Northern Virginia, will cover the patent, trademarks and transactional considerations in each session.

A full agenda will be distributed in the coming weeks.


Wearable technology is quickly becoming integrated into everyday life. The applications are limitless, from smart watches and glasses, to wearable healthcare devices, there are very few corners of society it won't reach. At the convergence of fashion and technology, IP is at the heart of these devices, and success in this rapidly developing market is reliant on an effective strategy to protect its fundamental assets.

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