We are all at risk: Top three issues public companies need to know now about handling cybersecurity issues

We are all at risk. Data breaches, leaks, and cyber-attacks are on the rise. You need to be prepared and ready to respond if your data is compromised. Public companies face a myriad of regulatory and industry standards when preparing for or responding to a potential breach.

Please click here to watch our webinar, specifically designed for public companies, on navigating the key issues to understand now in order to oversee cybersecurity risk management.

We cover important issues you may face, including:

  • The SEC's cybersecurity priorities
  • Lessons from recent enforcement actions by the FTC, FCC, CFPB, and other agencies
  • Cybersecurity litigation in the aftermath of the Spokeo decision

As you watch, our presenters will guide you through these issues. You will walk away with practical advice on the key priorities that your public company should focus on based on recent regulatory trends.

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