Trade After Trump: Global automotive trade in an era of rising economic nationalism and COVID-19

The next episode of our Automotive Webinar Series will look at the impacts of the U.S. election 2020 on world trade. Our webinar will provide an update on the trade relations between the U.S. and Mexico, Europe and China and also focus on the role of environmental regulations on sustainable development as well as regulatory compliance.

Moreover, we will also address the following questions:

  • How did President Trump act within an evolving context for world trade? What are President-elect Joe Biden's views on trade and the auto industry? What aspects of the U.S. approach will change going forward and what will stay the same?
  • How is Europe refocusing? What about its "open strategic autonomy"?
  • China is the world's largest auto market. How will greater competition with China impact global trade and the auto industry?
  • COVID-19 caused every country worldwide to revise their global supply chains. Will this increased focus continue to impact the world's economy in 2021 and beyond?

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