Tokyo: Life Sciences and Health Care Horizons 2019

Key Life Sciences issues for Japanese companies: focus on (1) digital health, (2) cell, tissue, and gene therapies, and (3) cross-border transactions.

You are warmly invited to join our seventh annual Life Sciences Summit to hear from our global Life Sciences team about regional and international developments and key issues for Japanese companies.

Our presenters are from our U.S., Europe, China, and Japan offices, and represent our M&A/Corporate, FDA/EU Regulatory, Commercial, Digital Health, and Intellectual Property practices. Based on their recent experiences and multi-jurisdictional projects, they will share insights from a practical and strategic perspective to help Japanese companies understand key emerging risks, challenges, and new opportunities.

Featured topics are as follows:

  • From mobile applications and novel wearable sensors to complex predictive analytics and advanced digital therapeutics, digital health products encompass a broad range of different designs and technological solutions. We will explore new developments in AI, integration of digital tools into therapeutics, partnership opportunities, and compliance.
  • Cell, tissue, and gene therapies have been called “one of the most promising fields of science,” and are beginning to deliver on their promise of eradicating the underlying causes of diseases. We will explore issues of economics and pricing, exclusivity and licensing, regulatory approval pathways, and commercialization.
  • Cross-border transactions in Life Sciences: We will share insights from our recent international and multi-jurisdictional matters to provide strategic advice for Japanese companies involved in cross-border transactions in the U.S., Europe, China, and Japan.
  • Regional and global developments to watch: Members of our global Life Sciences team based in the U.S., Europe, China, and Japan will explain recent developments that will affect Japanese companies.

There will be ample opportunities for questions and we will finish with a reception in the evening.

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