The Internet of Things Webinar Series - Spectrum and Infrastructure

We hosted one of the webinars in our Internet of Things series on Wednesday, 26 September 2017, focusing on spectrum and infrastructure for connected devices.

Trey Hanbury and Tom Peters from our Communications practice lead the discussion with guest speakers from T-Mobile, Qualcomm and DISH.

The panel took an in-depth look at the required regulatory framework to facilitate a viable spectrum ecosystem for the growing number of mobile and fixed services that rely upon the internet to function.

This session was excellent opportunity to hear directly from those working in the industry about the challenges posed by an increased demand for IoT devices and plans on how to combat them.

You can view the recording of the webinar here.

Future sessions of this webinar series will focus on other aspects of the increasingly complex IoT environment, including commercialization and dispute resolution challenges, highlighting discussions on:

  • Privacy
  • Litigation
  • Commercial and M&A
  • Medical device regulations
  • Drones

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