The Internet of Things Webinar Series - Cybersecurity Workshop

The third installment of our 2017 Internet of Things (IoT) webinar series took place on Wednesday, 24 May, where our international team of cybersecurity lawyers gave practical guidance.

"Connected" products are increasingly subject to cyber-attacks all over the world. This is not only true for traditional IT products. Every IoT product is vulnerable to such attacks – the question is not if there will be an attack, but rather when.

With this webinar, we provided attendees with the same structure and content as we have in the holistic workshop we provided to our clients, which helped them identify, assess, and address the legal risks associated with how their business used or provided IoT technologies, devices, or services. 

During the webinar, members of our global cybersecurity team considered:

What is the anatomy of a cyber-attack on an IoT device?

How does advising your organization on an IoT cyber incident differ from handling a data breach?

What to do when a vulnerability is discovered or an attack happens?

What is my potential liability as a manufacturer, user, or seller of IoT products or services?

What are my options to get recourse?

What is the regulatory landscape like in key geographies like Asia or Europe?

How can we best prepare for an attack?

To view the recorded webinar or download a copy of the presentation, please click on the links below.


Presentation Slides

Future sessions of this webinar series will focus on other aspects of the increasingly complex IoT environment, including commercialization and dispute resolution challenges, highlighting discussions on:

 -  Connected vehicles and smart cars 
 -  Spectrum and Infrastructure 
 -  Privacy
 -  Litigation 
 -  Commercial and M&A

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