The FDA Advisory Panel Meeting: Ensuring Success in an Unpredictable Process

An FDA Advisory Panel meeting to review a marketing application for a medical device can either make or break a company. The stakes are even higher when the product is essential to your business strategy. Achieving success at the end of the meeting requires knowing how to navigate an unpredictable process, intensive prep work, and negotiations with FDA for months in advance.

Please join us on June 28th for an engaging webinar packed with information and suggestions for how to best prepare for and increase the likelihood of a successful Advisory Panel meeting. We’ll discuss tips on:

– How to best engage internal and external experts

– How to effectively make your case with the Panel and FDA

– How to put together a persuasive Panel Pack and slide presentation

– How to handle tough questions from the Panel without breaking a sweat

– How to manage the logistical challenges of the preparations and the meeting itself

This is one event you won’t want to miss!

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