The 2020 Election: A bipartisan discussion of what the results mean for California businesses

Join us on Thursday, January 7, 2021, as we share bipartisan views of the 2020 election results, and the outcome of California ballot measures, examining what the results could mean for you and your business. President-elect Joe Biden and his new administration will come into power in a few short weeks, and his policies undoubtedly will impact California businesses in many areas. In addition, the 2020 results appear likely to expand California’s influence in Washington, D.C. as the Vice-President, Speaker, and House Minority leader all represent California.

Californians voted on several significant initiatives in 2020, including whether to further change the state's data privacy regime, overhaul how employers classify gig workers, and change the state’s property tax system. The results of these votes, coupled with Governor Newsom's anticipated appointments to the vacancies created by Senator Harris’ election as Vice-President and CA Attorney General Becerra’s selection as HHS Secretary, will impact Californians and local businesses going forward.

Our California lawyers will be joined by Ivan Zapien, head of our Government Relations and Public Affairs practice group, and Norm Coleman, former U.S. Senator from Minnesota, who have been actively monitoring this year's electoral process. 

We hope you can join us.

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