Social media influencers: The next frontier

This was the first webinar in our new series about what consumer-facing companies need to know when partnering with social media influencers to promote products and services online.

The webinar featured updates on the latest trends and developments related to influencers, including regulatory challenges, recent enforcements, and other hot topics. The series is based on Influencer Snapshot, an interactive guide to help you partner with influencers.

The first session focused on trending issues in the world of influencers, from children promoting products to leading celebrities partnering with global brands, and how companies can prepare for and maintain these relationships through a crisis. Please see below for the program agenda:

The promise and peril of "kidfluencers"

For businesses targeted at children, kidfluencers present a valuable marketing opportunity. But, all that glitters is not gold. PJ Kaur discussed contract challenges, minor protection laws, advertising law, and risks and other legal issues that can arise when dealing with children as influencers.

Ins and outs of celebrity influencers and recent developments in Germany

Celebrity influencers have the ability to affect culture and groups en masse. They embody a certain lifestyle that followers or fans aspire to have in some small or greater part, and they aim to have their fans join them. Yvonne Draheim and Sabrina Mittelstädt discussed the advantages and risks of working with celebrity influencers and how these high-profile influencer cases have contributed to recent court decisions and proposed regulations in Germany.

Influencers in a time of crisis

Influencers have become the face of brands on social media but what happens when these online personalities make a mistake in the real world? These partnerships can create a significant risk for the companies relying on these foodies and fashionistas to promote their products. But they also can help companies change the narrative or recover from a crisis. Lillian S. Hardy discussed some of the challenges companies face when partnering with influencers and how they can protect their interests when a crisis occurs.

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