Reinvigorating North American competitiveness through USMCA

Partner Kelly Ann Shaw presented a webinar titled Reinvigorating North American competitiveness through USMCA on Tuesday, 30 June.

USMCA's entry into force on 1 July came at a historic moment. A successful implementation of the agreement not only will inject lifeblood into the North American economy but, at a time when countries around the world are turning inward, serve as an important reminder that reducing barriers to trade – particularly among close friends and allies – can still lead to shared gains. Entry into force also comes at a critical juncture for policy-makers who, in the wake of COVID-19, must address supply chain vulnerabilities and the increased risks of doing business in China. A more competitive North American trading bloc could be the answer.

Yet days away from 1 July, a number of provisions in the agreement had yet to be implemented, from agriculture to broadcasting. Failure to successfully implement or enforce the agreement not only will detract from its benefits but may also exasperate broader geopolitical concerns. This webinar discussed both the challenges and opportunities that USMCA's entry into force presents for the North American economy in this historic moment.

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