Managing supply chain risks effectively in times of crisis, in partnership with French Chamber of Great Britain

Please join Hogan Lovells' partner Aline Doussin for a webinar titled Managing supply chain risks effectively in times of crisis. In partnership with French Chamber of Great Britain, we bring you a panel of speakers who will discuss key geopolitical, legal & commercial risks when building supply chain resilience and how businesses are dealing with these risks.

Over the last six months, a number of organisations have been rocked by unforeseen supply chain vulnerabilities and disruptions caused by COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, U.S. tariffs, and other developments, costing hundreds of millions of pounds in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, luxury, and consumer goods to electronics and automotive. And the disruption in the supply chain will continue, in particular for Franco-British businesses, as the end of the Transition Period for the UK nears.

What are the geopolitical, legal and business risks associated with supply chain disruption? How can you build processes and procedures that capture both yours and your trading partner's trading patterns and protect your business going forward?

This interactive session will also offer you the opportunity to ask questions.

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