From Brexit to emerging technologies: a look at challenges that will shape the future‎.

Where are things heading for Life Sciences industries?  How will technology continue to shape the future and what challenges will this bring? Join us for a set of short talks and a panel discussion about what's ahead including....

BREXIT – shaping the future. Where are the allies and the enemies of Life Sciences and how are they trying to influence decision makers? What are other industries lobbying for in the BREXIT deal and what should be the priorities for Life Sciences companies?

BIOMETRIC AND GENETIC DATA – what's lurking over the horizon in the new rules for handling this growing data set?

3D PRINTED PILLS – why will this be important for manufacturers and what issues will it raise?

PRODUCT ASSOCIATED FATALITIES – how to keep a bad situation from becoming worse

BRIBERY COMPLIANCE – how do your systems measure up? What do compliance officers in the Life Sciences industry really think about compliance culture in their organisation? And how do you prepare for future compliance challenges?

DIGITAL HEALTH – the revolution is well under way, but what's next?

Most of the talks will be 20 minutes and together will last around 2 hours (including a coffee break).  Then join us for the all-important networking drinks including pharmacy-themed cocktails.

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