International Dairy Foods Association's Regulatory RoundUP conference

Partners Martin Hahn, Joseph Levitt, Elizabeth Fawell and senior associate Veronica Colas will present on the International Dairy Foods Association's Regulatory RoundUP virtual conference on 21-22 July.

During Tuesday’s session, Veronica Colas will discuss advising food companies on the current state of food labeling litigation, lessons dairy companies can learn from these lawsuits, and how we might forecast the future of this area of litigation.

The following day, Martin Hahn will present on the market for food, cosmetic, and dietary supplements with cannabidiol (CBD) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s current response. He will evaluate the regulatory basis for the FDA position and explore a strategy for the dairy industry to help FDA affirm the safe and lawful use of CBD in dairy products.

Joseph Levitt and Elizabeth Fawell will analyse the industry’s working relationship with FDA during the COVID-19 pandemic with the intent of identifying lessons learned and areas for future enhanced collaborative efforts. They will address the COVID-19 key drivers that helped foster a change in the relationship between the FDA and the food industry and how these key drivers can be captured and used to implement changes in policies, approaches, and procedures going forward.

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