International Cartel Workshop

The International Cartel Workshop, recognized globally as the premier international cartel program, is presented only once every two years. The 2014 program will continue the Workshop’s tradition of instruction by demonstration, with a faculty of more than 75 highly experienced attorneys from around the globe taking you inside a hypothetical international cartel matter -- from detection by government enforcers to the disposition of government prosecutions and private damage claims. The Workshop will also highlight new developments in the law and leniency practices around the world, with leading enforcers and experienced private practitioners demonstrating how critical decisions are made on both sides of the table and providing examples of important interactions between counsel and enforcers.

Hogan Lovells partner Megan Dixon is a speaker.

February 20
8:45 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Demonstration VII
The Defense Responds to the Government Investigation
Scene 3
Counsel conducts first witness interview

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