Insurance investments - challenges and opportunities

As traditional fixed income strategies continue to generate declining returns in the low-yield environment, insurers are increasingly looking at alternative forms of investment. Alternative asset classes, such as infrastructure, offer potential opportunities for increased returns, as do non-traditional investment vehicles, such as direct lending, debt capital markets and investment funds.

With such a diverse mix of options available, how do you determine which type of investment is best? What are the potential advantages and disadvantages?

On 19 October 2017, Hogan Lovells will host a seminar to discuss the different investments available to insurers, looking at the opportunities and challenges associated with each option.

The format of the event will be:

8:30 am - Registration, networking and buffet breakfast.

8:45 am - Panel Session: Insurance investments: challenges and opportunities –This session will include a 20 minute Q&A for you to ask questions to the panel.

10:00 am - Closing remarks.

To register your interest in attending, please contact our marketing team here.

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