Impact of Brexit on Debt Capital Markets: Securitization

Following our webinar looking at the potential impact of Brexit on Financial Institutions, we are delighted to now bring you a series of webinars focusing specifically on Debt Capital Markets. The third of these webinars was focused specifically on Securitization.

Topics will include:

Regulation - How Brexit will affect regulatory requirements and drivers for securitizations, including CRR, LCR, STS and Solvency II?

Applicable law - How will Brexit impact choice of law and recognition of insolvency processes?

Tax structuring – Could Brexit affect treatment tax for securitizations?

Market impacts – How might Brexit impact market parties, for example through downgrades, UK economic fundamentals and eligibility for ECB repo lines?


The other webinars in this series were:

Impact of Brexit on Debt Capital Markets: Capital Markets Union
Impact of Brexit on Debt Capital Markets: Derivatives


Click here to access a recording of the webinar, and here to view the slides

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