Hogan Lovells Climate change and pensions: what trustees should know

How climate change impacts pension investment (and the employer covenant) is now a major issue for trustees. While only the largest schemes are (currently) subject to the additional and complex requirements arising from the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), trustees of all schemes should consider how climate change impacts the risk management of their schemes.

A multi-disciplinary approach is needed.  At our webinar, speakers from Hogan Lovells pensions team will be joined by Jane Evans (covenant adviser and Associate Partner, EY-Parthenon) and James Leeming (investment consultant and Partner, XPS) to discuss:

  • TCFD and pensions: what the law requires
  • Box ticking or meaningful exercise? Ensuring climate-related activity results in value for your scheme
  • Minding the gaps: practical approaches to incomplete data and other challenges
  • Climate risk and the employer covenant: what is needed

Target audience:

This webinar is principally aimed at pension scheme trustees.  Sponsoring employers of occupational pension schemes and others wishing to understand the climate-related challenges facing pension trustees are also very welcome. 


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