Going Global: Cross-Practice Seminar and Reception

We are hosting a cross-practice, multi-track seminar on November 15 in Osaka and November 17 in Tokyo.

The seminar will explore the latest developments in global trademarks, Brexit, investments into the technology sector, and cultural considerations to be aware of in cross-border contract negotiation from lawyers leading their respective practices in our global offices.

Global Trademark Seminar "Creating and Protecting Brand Values" 
Reports on the latest trademark developments in Japan, China/Hong Kong, US, Central & South America and Europe by experts in each region.
—  Lloyd Parker (Office Managing Partner, Tokyo)

—  Hiroto Imai (Partner, Tokyo)

—  Chikako Hashimoto (Counsel, Tokyo)

—  Aki Koshizuka (UKEU Trade Mark Attorney, Tokyo)

—  Eugene Low (Partner, Hong Kong)

—  Timothy Lyden (Partner, Northern Virginia)

—  Bernardo Herrerias (Partner, Mexico City)

—  Karla Hughes (Senior Associate, Alicante)

—  Dr Leopold von Gerlach (Partner, Hamburg/Frankfurt)

Brexit: Where Are We Now? An Overview of Recent Developments
An analysis of the current developments with regard to Brexit and the likely process going forwards, which will involve a key member of our London based Brexit and public affairs team.
—  Jacky Scanlan-Dyas (Partner, Tokyo)

—  Dr Frederick Ch'en (Partner, Tokyo)

—  Charles Brasted (Partner, London)


Brexit: Impact on Businesses – Commercial Contracts and M&A
A discussion on how Brexit impacts Japanese businesses particularly with regard to commercial contracts and mergers and acquisitions.
—  Jacky Scanlan-Dyas (Partner, Tokyo)

—  Benjamin Higson (Partner, London)

—  Rika Beppu (Partner, Tokyo)

Brexit: Potential impact of Brexit on Life Sciences and IP
We will discuss the potential issues for the Life Sciences industry, including regulatory issues such as the impact on marketing authorisations, clinical trials and data privacy, and also the possible impact on intellectual property.
—  Dr Frederick Ch'en (Partner, Tokyo)

Capitalise Now - How to Invest In Technology Companies
An analysis of how to invest in technology companies and what makes these types of investments different from regular M&A.
—  Jacky Scanlan-Dyas (Partner, Tokyo)

—  Richard Diffenthal (Partner, London)

—  Lisa Yano (Partner, Tokyo)


Practical and Cultural Considerations in Negotiation of Cross-border Contracts
We will share insights from our recent international matters (including patent-related licences, settlements and other agreements) to provide key practical advice for Japanese companies on the effective use of cultural awareness in cross-border contract negotiations.
—  Dr Frederick Ch'en (Partner, Tokyo)

—  Hiroto Imai (Partner, Tokyo)


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