Global bribery and corruption webcast

Members of our Global Bribery and Corruption Task Force brings you a 75 minute interactive webcast which will examine trends and provide an update on topics covered in our Global bribery and corruption outlook.

  • In the United States, authorities are holding course on bribery and corruption enforcement, despite a predicted slowdown in favor of a more business-friendly approach.
  • Recent joint-monitorship settlements involving U.S. and Brazilian authorities signal that other international cases will likely include joint-monitorship components. We consider the finer points of joint and dual monitorships.
  • Case law in the UK and Germany has put privilege in the spotlight. We discuss the limits of privilege and share practical steps you should know and take.
  • In China, the new Anti-Unfair Competition Law redefines commercial bribery. It has wider coverage and increased penalties, although how it works in practice won't be known until we see judges interpret the law.
  • The criminal liability systems in South East Asia are evolving. As local laws change, authorities collaborate to keep pace, and they do this increasingly well.
  • Read our Global bribery and corruption outlook 2018.

This webcast qualifies for CPD and CLE credits.

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