How to use your China IP strategy as a chemical company to capture global advantage


Many international businesses consider China as critical to their future as a market, a manufacturing and supply base, and a source of talent and innovation. With clear awareness that the China market is highly attractive to foreign chemical businesses, their Chinese counterparts know that this may give them leverage to negotiate for localization of demand R&D capabilities, advanced technology, license of new-generation technology, innovative manufacturing processes, or a combination thereof. Executives thinking about their China strategy need to assess whether they can find the right chemistry with the China market and what they can bring to the party and use that to their commercial advantage.

In this webinar, we will review ways for international chemical companies to capture opportunities and innovations in the fast-growing Chinese market to their competitive edge. We will also discuss their IP considerations and strategies. This webinar will focus our discussion on the following aspects of chemical industry and provide some practical tips:

  • Overview of recent market trends and business transactions
  • Key IP considerations and concerns in capturing, protecting and localizing innovations
  • IP Risk management in pursuing business opportunities though investment, joint venture or M&A transactions
China presents both challenges and opportunities to international businesses. Developing and implementing an effective China IP strategy is important for international chemical businesses to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

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