Financial sanctions as a tool of foreign policy – Taking stock of the latest U.S., EU, French and UK sanctions developments

Now more than ever the international sanctions legal landscape is evolving and becoming more challenging and complex, and difficult to navigate. Increasing protectionist trends mean businesses are generally exposed to greater sanctions risks, operational and oversight challenges, and obligations to comply with sanctions administered by multiple jurisdictions and agencies. Regulatory scrutiny and expectations are increasing as evidenced by escalating fines and penalties, joint actions involving multiple regulators, and high-profile enforcement cases.

In partnership with French Chamber of Great Britain, we brought you a panel of speakers that discussed the latest trend in U.S. and EU sanctions policies, including sanctions adopted with respect to Hong Kong/China, and issues that many businesses struggle with – conflicting sanctions regimes such as U.S. sanctions and international blocking laws. The panel also considered sanctions compliance from a French law perspective, and what the UK sanctions regime might look like post-Brexit.

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