EBA Outsourcing Guidelines: What you need to know

In September 2019 the European Banking Authority's (EBA) guidelines on outsourcing agreements came into effect. The guidelines create some logistical challenges, including what obligations and requirements must be met by financial institutions and outsourced service providers.

On Wednesday 25 March 2020 our technology and financial services regulatory teams, explored the key changes introduced by the guidelines and what they mean for businesses.

Businesses impacted by the new guidelines include:

  • Credit institutions and investment firms subject to CRD, and any member of their groups.
  • Payment institutions.
  • Electronic money institutions.

View Here: EBA Outsourcing Guidelines: What you need to know

EBA Outsourcing Solution

To learn more about our EBA Outsourcing Solution, please visit our Engage Premium website.

The solution is an AI driven workflow tool to help businesses address the challenges posed by the new guidelines. By combining people, process, tools, and technology, our toolkit provides you with a comprehensive review of your outsourcing agreements: increasing efficiency and reducing costs in a project-managed environment.

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