Driving into the Future

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Destination France: What drives the automotive industry? 

The automotive industry is being radically transformed by exciting technological innovations and future mobility trends that create interesting opportunities but also significant challenges.

Are you still in the driver's seat? 

France is among the top ten car producers worldwide. For the French automotive industry to stay ahead of the competition and successfully enter new markets globally, automotive companies will have to navigate around disruptions and compete with technology new entrants. To stay in the game, you need to anticipate what’s around the corner.

As an introduction to our discussions, we will have the pleasure of hearing from keynote speaker Ross Douglas (Founder & CEO of Autonomy Paris) on "The Future of Urban Mobility": The way we move around cities is about to experience a major disruption. No longer will car ownership be the primary means of mobility. Commuters will be offered a variety of vehicles and mobility services under the banner "Mobility as a Service". Who will be the winners and losers in this disruption?

Following the keynote, our industry speakers, including Laurent Haik (Head of European Operating Assets Securisation & Project Bonds Crédit Agricole CIB) and selected Hogan Lovells lawyers from the Paris office as well as other European and U.S. offices will focus on hot topics in the industry during two subsequent interactive panel discussions:

Panel 1 - The future of mobility: Are you still in the driver's seat?

  • How will new mobility trends impact financial transactions? As financial institutions seek to respond to disruption and digital transformation, how should legal teams adjust?
  • Data is now often referred to as the new oil given its inherent value. How can the automotive industry reach "data nirvana"? How do financial services companies approach data governance in this new world?
  • What are the biggest opportunities on the transactional side with connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles?

Panel 2 - Safely steering through disruption opportunities

  • Looking ahead, what challenges will the automotive industry face in terms of regulations?
  • How to anticipate cybersecurity risks in an increasingly "internet of things" - connected world?
  • To what extent do self-driving vehicles create new product liability risks?
  • As the automotive industry is being redefined, how will it impact commercial disputes along the supply chain?

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