D&O Liability risks in connection with U.S. sanctions

Our German Corporate Litigation team regularly hosts webinars on different corporate litigation topics.

The recent sanctions imposed by the U.S. government against authorities, companies, or persons from countries such as Turkey, Venezuela, Russia, China, or Iran are not only the focus of press coverage, but also have a considerable impact on companies and their management. If business relations with a sanctioned company are maintained, this can entail the risk of the U.S. government imposing its own sanctions. This can have serious, sometimes existential consequences for the company in question and the responsible persons.

In our next webinar, Aleksandar Dukic will guide you through the most important features of U.S. sanctions law and in particular present the so-called "secondary sanctions" which are particularly relevant for German companies. Sophia Jaeger will then discuss the consequences for managers of German companies and will give practical recommendations on what measures should be taken with regard to existing business relationships or potentially new business partners in order to avoid any liability risks.

Please click here for more information (in German).

Aleksandar Dukic's part will be held in English; Sophia Jaeger will be presenting in German.

Should you be interested in attending the event, please contact Vanessa Luke.

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