Dealing With the New NLRB Rules - A Primer for Hospitals and Other Healthcare Employers

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has recently caused a dramatic and union-friendly shift in labor law, and this shift has had a unique effect on healthcare employers. The NLRB’s new decisions have muddied the waters for determining appropriate bargaining units for non-acute care facilities, and imposed new bargaining requirements on unionized hospitals before they can implement steps to require their employees to prevent the spread of disease. Additionally, all employers — healthcare and otherwise — must comply with the NLRB’s controversial new rules and rulings

  • permitting broad and inappropriate social media use by employees;
  • allowing for disruptive “bannering” demonstrations targeted at third-party employers not involved in labor disputes; and
  • finding unlawful certain arbitration clauses that waive the right to bring class or collective actions against employers for a violation of National Labor Relations Act rights.

All of these changes are particularly significant to healthcare employers, who are often the targets of aggressive union organizing campaigns.
This webinar will analyze the recent changes made by NLRB, with a focus on their recent actions and a look at where things might be heading in the future.

Who should participate:
In-house counsel and HR/labor relations managers from hospitals and other employers in the healthcare industry.

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