Cyber Security: Securing the Federal Cyber Domain by Strengthening Public-Private Partnership

Join the Government Technology & Services Coalition and the InfraGard National Capitol Region Members Alliance for "Cyber Security: Securing the Federal Cyber Domain by Strengthening Public-Private Partnership."

Thursday, October 23, 2014

8:00 a.m. ET

TASC, Inc.; 80 M Street SE, Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20003

Hogan Lovells Speakers:
CISO Jeffrey Lolley will be on the panel "What Keeps CISOs Up at Night?"

Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) have a tremendous responsibility to secure their domain from every malicious element. As technology, the sophistication of hackers, and the persistence of state-sponsored organizations increases daily, they are faced with multiple challenges. Federal CISOs must address large bureaucracies, legacy systems, long procurement cycles and competing priorities. Non-government CISOs face trying to balance the "bottom line" with security; a dance of mitigating risk, exposure, and vulnerability with business decisions that may raise a company’s threat profile. What vulnerabilities concern them the most? What are the short and long-term solutions? What do they need today? Join us to hear their thoughts and plans to fulfill their mission.

Partner Deen Kaplan will be on the panel "Are the Laws Hurting or Helping? Or Is Cyber Security Still Sorting Itself Out?"

In Washington, "cyber" has been the hot topic for several years. Policy makers and Congress have attempted to pass cyber legislation. Meanwhile, malicious actors – both state-sponsored and criminal – have stolen massive PII and other data from public and private sources.  Recent attacks on USIS, US banks and even Home Depot highlight daily the vulnerability. For the private sector, there are numerous questions around their requirements – privacy, security, liability – that are complicated by continued uncertainty in the law. This panel will discuss efforts to secure the cyber domain and discuss competing requirements and how they may be mitigated to be helping instead of hindering.

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