Cyber Ethics: Ethical perils, pitfalls, and paths forward for in-house counsel responding to a cyber breach

As daily headlines show, a cyber breach poses significant business and legal risks to your company: potential damage to reputation, customer loyalty, partner relations, and stock price, as well as possible regulatory consequences, government investigations, and private litigation. The pace is lightning fast and the stakes are high. For in-house counsel, important ethical obligations and issues must guide you in helping to shape the company's response.

This interactive program presented by Tom Connally, Harriet Pearson, and Jon Talotta of Hogan Lovells, along with John Smith of Raytheon, examined these obligations and issues, including:

  • Ethical guideposts in the internal investigation of a cyber breach;
  • Attorney-client privilege and work product protections, particularly when working with forensic consultants;
  • Ethical duties to preserve data in relation to the breach;
  • The ethics of breach notification;
  • In-house counsel’s ethical obligations to secure client data and obtain technological competence; and
  • Ethical and corporate governance issues relating to cyber risk management.

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