Competition Litigation Webinar: 2019: Year in Review

Our German Competition Litigation team regularly hosts webinars on legal hot topics.

2019 has brought forth some exciting judgments and developments concerning competition litigation matters. In this webinar, we would like to focus on the most important ones in more detail. The following highlights are waiting for you:

  • The Skanska case and antitrust damages: Terminology of "company" after the European Court of Justice's (EuGH) decision in the Skanska case
  • Bundled assertion of claims: Current case law on the assignment of antitrust damage claims
  • Proof of damages: How courts deal with prima facie evidence one year after the German Federal Court of Justice's (BGH) ruling in the rail cartel
  • On the horizon: Draft bill on the 10th amendment to the Act Against Restraints of Competition (GWB) - trends and developments (also) for antitrust damages claims

This webinar will be in German.

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Should you be interested in attending the event, please contact Franziska Carrara.

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