China’s Foreign NGO Law: The impact on U.S. universities and hospitals

This law continues to have significant impact on an estimated 7,000+ foreign NGOs that operate in China and poses challenges for non-profit foreign hospitals and universities, which are considered NGOs for purposes of this law.

Please join us for a complimentary 60-minute webinar hosted by two of the leading education lawyers in China. They will address universities’ and hospitals’ questions about what China’s Foreign NGO Law means for their activities in China and what to expect in the new year.

Topics covered during this webinar will include:

  • One year since effectiveness—what have we learned?
  • How many NGOs have registered as representative offices or for a temporary activity permit?
  • What are the key issues facing universities and hospitals seeking to operate in China?
  • What issues are facing existing Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises (WFOEs) and representative offices?
We will reserve the last ten minutes of the webinar for participant question and answer.

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