CFIUS and trends in EU FDI screening, in partnership with techUK, the UK’s leading technology membership organisation

Join the webinar with Lourdes Catrain and Brian Curran on CFIUS and trends in EU FDI screening organised in conjunction with techUK, the UK’s leading technology membership organisation.

A new law -- the Foreign Investment Risk Review and Modernization Act of 2018 -- was recently put in place in the United States, giving the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS, the interagency committee that vets certain foreign investment for national security risk, expanded authority to review transactions, including, for the first time, non-controlling investments in certain U.S. companies, and mandated filings in certain key areas -- critical technologies, critical infrastructure and sensitive personal data. Regulations implementing this new law were put in place in February of this year.

In addition, the EU FDI Regulation, that became fully applicable on 11 October 2020, creates a legal framework to allow greater coordination in screening FDI in the EU, without establishing a mandatory screening mechanism at EU level. Most, if not all Member States, will have a screening mechanism in place by mid-2021. These multiple FDI screening regimes, in addition to the cooperation mechanism between the member states and the European Commission set out in the EU FDI Regulation, increase the complexity of M&A transactions and investment rounds.

Tech firms need to be much more aware of these requirements when doing business internationally and there are significant risks around non-compliance. The purpose of this webinar is to educate participants on the risks of non-compliance and how to navigate an ever more complex regulatory environment. The webinar is free to attend.

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