Breaking Barriers - International Women's Day Celebration: The Power of Positive Workplace Politics - How to Successfully Navigate Your Career

Join us for a thought provoking session with Jane Horan, speaker, expert in Diversity & Inclusion and author of "I Wish I'd Known that Earlier in My Career: The Power of Positive Workplace Politics".

Are careers serendipitous or planned? Research indicates successful career management is a little of both. Successful career navigation requires adaptability and more importantly taking time to reflect. Managing your career is no longer an option, it’s a must.
In this interactive session, Jane shares insights from in-depth research with women leaders across Asia Pacific and engages you in a discussion on career navigation and the importance of building your personal brand in the workplace. The session will make you pause and reflect, think about the value of perception management and re-examine your network of connections.

About the speaker

Jane Horan is an author, speaker, and expert in Diversity & Inclusion. She has lived in the Asia Pacific Region for more than twenty years. Formerly the head of Talent and Organisational Development with Disney and Kraft food, Jane runs a consultancy to build inclusive and engaged work environments. Jane writes regularly on unconscious bias and global careers and has published two books, I Wish I’d Known That Earlier in My Career: The Power of Positive Workplace Politics; How Asian Women Lead: Lessons for Global Corporations.

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