Breaking Barriers Event: Decision-making in business

Excellent managers can make spectacularly bad decisions, which are often caused by almost unavoidable biases in intuitive thinking. During this presentation we will break through the common assumptions of the rational human mind and we will demonstrate when the rules of thumb do not work.

We will give examples and explain why, for instance, traditional economic theory of supply and demand does not match the workings of our human mind; why zero is a magical number; why we intuitively search for information that confirms our beliefs, and many more examples.

We will give tips and solutions to limit the impact of biases in information gathering, negotiations, meetings and other business scenarios.

Hilde Mertens’s fascination with the impact of effective communication and negotiation techniques on complex business systems has taken her in her career across Europe and Asia. From the world of diplomacy in Beijing into Investment/Private Banking and Consulting (Deloitte, PWC, HSBC, Citi, ING) she accumulated a wealth of human capital, consulting, mediation and negotiation expertise. Hilde is a professional mediator and holds a leadership degree from Oxford University. She has fluency in 6 languages, including Mandarin Chinese.

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Hogan Lovells - Boardroom 11/F
One Pacific Place
88 Queensway
Hong Kong

19 November 2015

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