Antitrust Institute 2015: Developments & Hot Topics

With an emphasis on new developments while providing a refresher of key principles, the Institute will examine current merger issues, price fixing, the legality of joint ventures and other competitor collaborations, "vertical" restraints on customers and suppliers, including resale price maintenance, standards for complying with price discrimination laws, and the latest information on the state and federal enforcement priorities. Also included in the program is an important overview of the current trends in the international antitrust arena, including the E.U. and Asia. Hear from nationally known practitioners and key government regulators, and keep current with the latest information.

What You Will Learn

  • Recent Supreme Court and lower court decisions, cases to watch and other new developments
  • Per se and rule of reason antitrust violations, conspiracy, joint ventures, resale price maintenance, tying and bundling arrangements, monopolization, attempted monopolization, mergers, joint ventures, price discrimination, and promotional allowance
  • Current areas of international antitrust law enforcement Intersection of IP and antitrust law Antitrust principles regarding illegal cartels
  • Interactive refresher on Robinson-Patman principles
  • Recent developments in class actions
  • Antitrust compliance and ethics
  • Plus, hear from federal and state government officials regarding enforcement actions

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