An Employer's Worst Nightmare - A Case Study

The Litigation, Arbitration and Employment team of Hogan Lovells requests the pleasure of your company at a seminar to discuss contentious issues in the workplace, including discrimination, harassment and team moves.
From the perspective of in-house counsel at BigCo, we will take you through the nightmare case of Harry, Director of Sales at BigCo:

"Harry has been accused of sexually harassing one of his team members.  Another team member alleges that he has been discriminated against because of his disability.  We later hear that Harry is planning to leave BigCo and has been seen stealing confidential information.   Shortly after, Harry resigns, along with several of his sales team.  We discover that the whole team is leaving to join BigCo's competitor, BiggerCo."

For each of the issues arising from Harry's behaviour, we will discuss:

  • employers' legal rights and obligations,
  • practical measures and legal remedies available to employers to tackle the issues, and
  • measures you can take to reduce the risk of Harry happening to your company.

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