Africa Forum London 2019

Our flagship event returns for the 6th year, taking place on 3 July 2019 at Merchant Taylors Hall in the City of London.

Over the last year, we've seen mixed reports from the continent of Africa. From the appointment of Sahle-Work Zewde as Ethiopia's first female President; to the unexpected, but peaceful, rescheduling of Nigeria's Presidential elections and to the climate issues highlighted by Mozambican cyclones, it's been an eventful period. Whilst growth overall remains robust, the leading markets of Nigeria and South Africa are facing lacklustre GDP and have not signed-up to the Continental Free Trade Agreement (CFTA). The region arguably needs a catalyst to jolt it into the high-growth optimism that saw it 'rising' in 2011.

But what could this catalyst be? Should it come from local investment or taking strategic advantage of the new scramble for Africa? Is it the 4th industrial revolution and the creation of well-managed manufacturing and agro-processing? Is it harnessing new technology to leapfrog infrastructural deficits? Or could it be actively supporting the many start-up companies and empowering them to expand, recruit and skill-up the workforce? Whatever your view on how Africa can realise its growth potential, join us for our 6th Africa Forum as we share, discuss and debate on the theme: Africa Making an Impact.

But what do we mean by making an impact? Sustainability, longevity, scalability, capacity? What about the impact intended by global investors, from achieving the sustainable development goals to the political demands of more developed countries securing their interests. Impact covers all of the above and more. This year, we will dissect, expand, explore and review some of the underlying issues around Africa's current position in order to offer solutions for how companies and countries can make an impact in their local communities as well as in a global marketplace.

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