Graduate recruitment widening access and diversity initiatives

We believe that access to the legal profession must be open and fair, and we aim to break down perceived barriers that may deter talented individuals. Our London office partners with 30 target universities in the United Kingdom, many with a particular focus on social mobility.

Approximately 20 trainees, lawyers, and business services colleagues participate in open days throughout the year, and 60 engage in work experience programs. Since 2008, we have hosted about 25 open days where students can visit the London office and 12 work experience programs where students can experience life as a working lawyer with us.

Our work and commitments on social mobility include:

  • Social Mobility Compact: We are signatories of the Social Mobility Compact, committed to providing career opportunities for young people through our widening access programs and recruitment process.
  • PRIME: As one of the 23 founding law firms of PRIME, we provide fair access to work experience for school-age students from less privileged backgrounds. Since PRIME was founded in 2011, we have provided work experience to 135 Year-12 students.
  • Ladder to Law: Our bespoke program started in 2010, and with 10 schools outside the traditional London "City" catchment area, we engage students of all social and ethnic backgrounds. The schools have a high percentage of pupils eligible for free school meals who are likely to be first-generation university attendees.

More than 250 Year-10, -11, and -12 students have attended our workshops, open days, and work experience programs. We are a founding supporter of Pathways, a program focused on social mobility within the legal sector run in partnership with The Sutton Trust. Since 2008, we have provided work experience to 84 Year-12 students from state schools who will be first-generation university attendees.

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