Asia-Pacific Diversity Committee

The Asia-Pacific Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee is responsible for implementing the strategic priorities for the region in particular our focus on inclusion.

The Committee is chaired by Singapore-based partner Stephanie Keen. The Committee comprises Champions from each of our local offices who work with their local diversity, equity and inclusion representatives or committees to look at how we can advance diversity, equity and in particular inclusion, through supporting the development of an inclusive culture within the firm via local initiatives. These include role modelling and showcasing behaviors, facilitating discussion, as well as creating opportunities for engagement and visibility to advance our people including those typically from underrepresented groups.

The Committee was re-energized in early 2019. Key milestones and achievements to-date include: 

  • 2020+ strategic focus for the committee on activating "Inclusion"
  • Business case for inclusion aligned with firm strategy 
  • Pledge to learn more about what inclusion looks like in practice 
  • Launch of the focus of inclusion in each local office
  • Commitment to record a series of inclusive "experiments"
  • "Inclusion Allies" program
  • Share impacts of inclusive behaviors in action in enabling diversity

The Committee convenes every 8 to 12 weeks to report on progress towards embedding a culture of inclusion and inclusive behaviors.

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