Mental fitness

Our colleagues in Germany hosted two Women of Achievement events that gave participants the opportunity to hear from accomplished female athletes.

In their talks, they explored the psychological benefits of playing sports and the parallels between professional sports and the professional world.

Kirsten Bruhn, one of the world's fastest disabled swimmers, shared her personal success story during an event hosted in our Munich office. In an interview with journalist Juliane Möcklinghoff (whose credits include presenting the 2016 Paralympics on German television) that followed, Kristen discussed how determination, courage, and passion, as well as the ability to deal with setbacks, can be transferred from elite-level sport to a professional setting.

Birgit Prinz, three-time Women's World Footballer of the Year and now a sports psychologist, revealed how elite athletes deal with performance pressure and the high expectations placed on them during an event hosted in our Frankfurt office. The subsequent discussion focused on the parallels between law and top-level sport, and how to deal with the increasing demands in both worlds. Birgit contributed her wealth of experience and her psychological knowledge to the event, offering a number of easy-to-remember tips on how to stay mentally fit.

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